Family Tree Analyzer

Install the latest Windows version FREE from the Offical Microsoft Store. This version will automatically update as new versions become available.

If you have issues with the Windows Store or have a older version of Windows you can download a stand alone installer version here. This version is identical to the Windows Store version but it will require you to manually update to get the latest changes. It does however allow you to run the program on pre-Windows 10 versions of Windows, however as time passes the ability to keep it working on really old versions of Windows may stop working.

If you have a Mac I’m sorry but it is no longer supported. Apple charge me $100 a year just to allow me to publish on the store (Microsoft store is completely free to publish on for the Windows version) and after 6 years I cannot justify that for a free program. There is an old version available but I have no plans to update it unless someone who is a Mac developer comes along and is willing to maintain it. The old version is available on this page here. note that the information on that page is out of date.

The simplest Windows 10 install method is to install from the Offical Microsoft App Store. This will then auto update the application when a new version comes out assuming you’ve not turned off this option in the Microsoft App Store app.

Installation is simple with Windows Store Click the link and click Get to get the application or Launch to run the application once installed. Note occassionally the Windows Store glitches and shows you own the product but it’s not installed. If this happens follow these instructions to fix the problem.

You can put a short cut on your desktop by dragging the icon from your start menu to the desktop. This article explains if you are having issues creating a shortcut icon.

Helpful Guides to Using FTAnalyzer

There is now a series of helpful guides to downloading, installing and using FTAnalyzer. You can get them from here note these guides were created a while ago so the screen shots are a bit dated.

Documentation Website

The documentation is similarly in need of some updating. It’s a work in progress and I tend to focus on new features rather than documentation. If anyone would like to assist updating the documentation I’d be happy to accept their assistance.

Facebook, Support Site & Twitter

The Support website is hosted as a page on Facebook. The User Group is also on Facebook. The Twitter account is @FTAnalyzer note I don’t check twitter very often so easiest is to raise an issue on the issues site

Initial Features

This program is under constant development and suggestions for improvements and new features are very welcome. Please add suggestions via the Issues tab and add suggestion in the subject. There are Help pages available under the Documentation tab.

Once you load your GEDCOM file you can start analysing your tree and displaying some basic reports. These reports include:

  • Individual Lists - showing all the individuals in your GEDCOM with their vital details, double clicking on an individual shows all the facts for that individual.
  • Family Lists - showing all the families in your GEDCOM with lists of who is in that family
  • Surnames List - shows a list of the surnames in your file with a link to the Guild of One Name Studies site if that surname project exists
  • Location Lists - verifies you have valid locations and double clicking on location text shows who is at that location. Clicking on the Show Map button attempts to locate the location on Google Maps.
  • Occupation Lists - showing all the occupations in your GEDCOM - double clicking on an occupation shows the lists of people with that occupation.
  • Facts - Allows you to view the various fact types in your GEDCOM see who has a particular fact also shows a count of how many sources a fact has. Double clicking on a fact shows the detailed sources for that fact
  • Sources - Shows all the sources in your GEDCOM along with a count of the number of facts for each source. Double clicking on a source lists all the facts that have been sourced by that source
  • Data Errors List - shows various types of data errors in your GEDCOM such as events happening before someone was born or after they died etc
  • Census Lists - form that permits listing everyone in your file that should be alive on a census at a particular date and for whom you have not yet found a census entry
  • Loose Death list - shows all details where you have death date info for an individual but you haven’t updated the death record for that individual.
  • Lost Cousins Report - shows you everyone you have already found on a census so you can check if you have entered them at Lost Cousins 
  • Research Suggestions 
    • The BMD report shows you BMD facts for everyone you select from filter colour coded by how accurate the date is from Green = exact date through to Red = unknown date. Marriage facts also show if person of marriage age but no partner; partner but no marriage fact; no partner but has children.
    • The census report shows colour coded census to see which census you have still to find people on and whether you have entered those people to Lost Cousins . Clicking on a missing census entry searches for that person online.
  • Treetops Report - lists all people in your tree at the top of the tree ie: those people with no parents, these are the people who are the furthest back on that line.
  • World Wars Report - lists possible males alive and of likely fighting age during both world wars. You can also shift auto search for the man on the Lives of the First World War site. 

View your Ancestors on a Modern or Historic Map

With the new features in v3.0 you can now view your Ancestors on a modern map, see how they moved during their lives and lots more to come. With version 3.1 you can now view your ancestors on a Modern OS Map, Aerial Maps, and even Historic OS Maps. Version 4.0 adds support for finding locations using a build in OS Gazetteer. 

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2018

Census Research Suggestions and Census Searching

You can view the colour census report via the colour reports tab it lists everyone you choose to filter and shows the various UK census years. This list is then colour coded to show :

  • grey - they weren’t alive on that census
  • red - they were alive but you have yet to enter a CENSus or RESIdence fact for them.
  • yellow - you have entered a census but you have not yet tagged the census as having been entered on the Lost Cousins website.
  • green - you have entered a census and it isn’t a Lost Cousins census year or is a Lost Cousins year and you have entered data on lost Cousins website.
  • orange - you have added the details to Lost Cousins but not added the census data yet

The red and yellow boxes where there are missing census records are clickable. Select the website you want to search from the drop down box at the top of the report and then double click on a red box. This will then open up a search results page on Ancestry, FreeCen, FindMyPast or FamilySearch thus making it a quick and easy way to search the census records.

Similarly on the regular census reports clicking on the name of a person to find will try to look up that person on whichever site you have selected. Note you need to login to the site before clicking the person and have a subscription to use Ancestry or FindMyPast census searches.


All feedback welcome. Please note this is very much a work in progress, it works for my own Gedcom file however there is no guarantee that other ways of recording data will be consistently handled. If you wish to post error logs and log issues please include a sample gedcom file that demonstrates the problem you are having. I’d like to ensure that it works consistently for every user. Please also note that there is a bias in the program for UK searching as that is where my Ancestors are from. So some defaults may need to be tweaked or turned into user configurable options in later versions. Again let me know what works and what causes you problems.

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