Family Historian

This program should be fully supported in particular the setting of the root individual is understood and used when the file is loaded.

To add a Lost Cousins Fact perform the following steps,

  • Use the menu bar command “Tools-Fact Types”
  • Click the New button
  • Set the “Fact Name” to “Lost Cousins”
  • Set the “Fact Set” to “FT Analyser”
  • Click the “Create” button
  • Set sentence “Template” to {individual} is recorded at Lost Cousins website for {date:YEAR}
  • Clear all the “Fields Required” except “Date”
  • Hit “OK” and then “Close”

then add facts as normal. Note you should just enter the year against the new Lost Cousins fact there is no need to enter a full date. Similarly you should have separate Lost Cousins facts for each Lost Cousins census the person was recorded on. Each fact will have a different year against it.