To create the Lost Cousins fact in RootsMagic (v 6) on your PC follow the procedure below:


Go to the “Lists” menu item and select “Fact Type List”.

Select the “Design new fact type”.

Select “Individual Fact Type” (Family Facts are those applied to families – like Marriage)

Fill in dialog box as below,

Roots Magic 1


As a minimum you should select “Use date field” and “Include when Exporting GEDCOM files”.

If you want this fact to show elsewhere then select the relevant options.

Click on OK

For future entries it is not necessary to create the new fact - Lost Cousins will be in the list of facts for you to select and add,

Roots Magic 2


To export a GEDCOM in RootsMagic (v 6):

Select “File” menu option

Then select “Export”

Decide which people you want to export (Everyone” or “Select from List”)

The “Everyone” option is self-explanatory, selecting “Select from list” will present you with a pick list that you can scroll down and select or de-select as you require. There is a button “Mark Group” that will allow you to select group(s) of people using various selection criteria.


Roots Magic 3

When the necessary people have been selected press OK

You will then be presented with another dialog box where you can select what is included in the GEDCOM file

As a minimum select Notes and Addresses. It will not be necessary to privatise living people if the GEDCOM is only going to be used by yourself. If sending the GEDCOM elsewhere it may be necessary to do so.


Roots Magic 4

Click on OK

You will then be presented with a standard Windows dialog box where you can name the file and decide where to save it.