FTAnalyzer’s Privacy Policy

Family Tree Analyzer relies entirely on the data on your PC as such nothing is seen by myself, unless the user explicitly asks me to investigate an issue and chooses to send me their data. Should you need me to look at your data I will ask for a minimum amount of data necessary to identify the issue and will delete any data you send once the issue is resolved.

The program can, at your explicit request, post info from your tree to automatically fill out forms on websites you subscribe to (Ancestry, Find My Past, Family Search, FreeCen) however this transfer of data is purely to save you typing it into the form there is no data saved anywhere by Family Tree Analyzer so you remain in full control of your data at all times.

As Family Tree Analyzer only processes your data on your machine and displays it on your own machine, you remain in full control of that data, so it is down to the end user to ensure they are respecting the privacy of any living individual. I have no control over how you choose to post any data from any trees you own to any online service. If you choose to share your data you do so abiding by the policies of the website service you are using.

The family history data in your tree is created by you the end user, updated by you the end user and controlled by you the end user. No data is sent to, processed or controlled by myself.

The application makes us of anonymous Google Analytics to understand how many people use the program and what version of Windows they are running, how features are performing etc. No user or machine identification is used only a randomly generated ID such as 733436f7-01bf-42e3-be22-932e0b32840f is used to differentiate between different users.